Chinese New Years 2019 @ Queen Chow

Family decided to celebrate this year at Justin Hemmes’ new restaurant in Enmore (Justin Hemmes owns Merivale and I used to do design work for the wanker). I was like oh noes, its gonna be expensive, and we’re supporting a Sydney Playboy here, not a chef…

43yrs old still getting dem red packets!!!


Always awesome to see mum happy!

OK this Alaskan crab & pork xiao long bao with gold flakes was the best fucking yum cha I’ve had in my life. This Chinese New Years special, with the fucking crazy rich asians gold leaf, was so juicy and the crab tasted like it was caught this morning, fresh from the ocean. Fucking wow. Even a local Guangzhou chinaman would lose his shit tasting this. We ended up ordering 2 more serves!

Also SO SO good. The one with the red bean that we usually find in stinky medicine, that one in particular was fucking epic mushroom goodness.

Oh de long life noodle.

#wearefamily – Was awesome to finally catch up with my cousins. Not as much awkwardness as I thought there would be as I hadn’t been attending the larger get togethers for about a year now.

This is meant to be like the flavour of the year or some shit, voted on some world wide challenge. I took one spoon and was like OMFG it’s just… so so sweet… way too sweet (funny as I loved sweet stuff when I was punching cones all day). I thought it was missing an adult coffee flavour. Lesson: NEVER ever say something is the best, ever? Hype kills.

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