Community Building. I can’t help myself!

Attention Heazy all officers and all clan mates.

This has come about because I was grinding Hell 4 at hellspeed with Baggenz and Marths and it was something we were discussing.

Something that has always irked me in the games I’ve played is that at some point the cream rises to the top and stays at the top. IE: Some players get stronger and more powerful than others, then they band together, get “clicky” and push the harder content together and leave everyone else behind.

I’ve seen a bit of this in Diablo Immortal. People posting that they’re looking for players, but there’s prerequisites (for eg: must be 4K CR etc). I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that! But I think it would be awesome if, as a group, we try to help (carry even!) some of our lower stat members to the top because sometimes that bit of help goes a LONG way towards getting really into the game.

What we were discussing is that maybe there can be a day in the week where some of our higher ranked members could help our lower ranked members with clearing higher challenge rifts, world farming, dungeons and raids. And maybe we can start a new section on the discord to help organise groups and interest (if that fails I suppose we can always use in-game clan chat).

What do you guys think of the idea? What day in the week do you think would be best and most importantly, if there was to be a discord section, what would we name it (Hard Carry? Carry on luggage?!)?!

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