Cops Are Tops…


…but not when they set up a defect station down the road from your car meet.

Last night’s meet was awesome. So many new cars and faces. A great turnout considering last month’s hired Police attendance would have scared many away, and the extra $5 entry to pay for extra security would have turned a few people off too (not to mention how freezing cold it was!).

Just as we were packing up rumours started spreading about a defect station. Once it was confirmed my heart sank. A defect station was set up not at the meet, not outside of the meet, but the Beaurepaires 3.4km away on the corner of the Great Western Hwy.

Coincidence? I think not. And that’s what’s sad about it.

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One Response to Cops Are Tops…

  1. Paul says:

    Aussie Police are the biggest arseholes. Honestly. No wonder people hate them.