Deadly Envy




FINALLY got to shoot with Esse/Deadly Envy last weekend. I’ve wanted to shoot with her for years, and recently I’ve found that she posts the best fucking shit on her Facebook feed. I love pretty much all the random shit she posts, so it wasn’t a surprise at all that we got on like a house on fire! More hangs than a shoot, for sure, and I’m sure it won’t be our last shoot together.

These shots are something a little different (for me!).

Shooting Esse in the studio had me WAY out of my comfort zone. In the end I just don’t think studio photography is my thing. Love the look, love these shots, but just don’t love the process.

Looking through the view finder, and seeing something completely different come out makes me feel a little uneasy/unnatural, but hey I’ve always wanted to have a go at studio photography.

I’m sure I’ll use the studio again in future, but for now I’ll leave Nick and Dianne to do the studio shoots and I’ll stick with my blurry AF natural light stuff!

Much thanks to Nick for setting up the studio for this dark moody shot. Much thanks too to Esse for being patient with me whilst I was noobing with the set-up!

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