Destiny 2



Always late to the party. I’ve finally decided to buy and play Destiny 2! Honestly I kinda got sick of watching the constant stream of Destiny 2 hate videos on YouTube over the past year.

Hate videos get more views and publishers (some who don’t even play the game) cash in on this big time so I figure fuck it. Ima buy it (was on sale) and yup, too right, the fun I’ve had in the game over the past week has far outweighed the years worth of negativity I’ve seen online over the past year.

In a week I’ve done the main story campaign 3 times over to build 3 characters (as you do), now the grind to 380 begins!

I’m playing on PC. Could do with some help getting to max level so add me Guardians!

Battletag: ZENGARAGE#1837

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