Destiny – 400 Light in a week

400 in a week, WHOO!

Find your Zen.

Top of the charts (a rare instance). Early on, in PVP I thought I was getting good, but in the end game I’m horrible! The other guys are just SO awesome (PS: it’s amazing how they’ve balanced PVP and PVE in this game).

Hanging out in orbit is a thing in Destiny. The loading screens are always sequences of your spaceship travelling to your destination. They’re great! Way better than a loading bar (if anything I wish they were slightly interactive like the spinning models are in Fallout 4’s loading screens).

My first Raid (I had no idea what was going on!!!).

Now onto my Titan! Couldn’t get the character looking like me at all… no facial hair in the future apparently.

He’s armoured up nice though!

I’ve heard that getting to light level 400 in Destiny isn’t easy. Over the past week I’ve met quite a few players online who have been playing Destiny for 3 years now and they’re still stuck on 399 (or less). I googled, and youtubed, and found so many frustrated players out there who just couldn’t get to the max light level.

All along I was quietly confident that I could get to 400 in a week (when I get into something I get into something!). I love the grind plus I’m also pretty lucky in general (great for RNG!) … it’s been an insane week but I got there in the end.

1 week 4 hours 58 minutes.

For Destiny players; I did this mostly solo. I had a friend help with raids and a few story missions (and advice! Here’s looking at you Tendy!), but none of that dropped anything I couldn’t have gotten through strike chests. I got all my drops from using skeleton keys, and that left the legs and chest which I had to get through exotic engrams (not easy). I had some heartbreaking RNG moments as expected, the last piece (chest) was the hardest to get. With everything else at 400 but the chest (397) I was convinced I’d have an exotic engram decrypt at 399, which would leave me stuck forever, but luckily I got a 400 chest piece today as an Iron Banner bounty (first day of the Iron Banner week too!)

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  1. Richard Ma says:

    Been checking out Destiny for a while but I never ‘got it’ what the most similar game to it to draw comparison?

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