Diablo IV – My toons

Rogue, my main character (currently level 73).

Necromancer, my alt.

Been playing Diablo IV a LOT. The game has a pretty aggressive scaling system where each time you level up and get more powerful, the monsters do too (this takes away the power fantasy of gearing up to overpower your enemies). A LOT of people have been talking about it, mostly negative feedback too. I was one of the people against it earlier, but I was wrong.

I’m at level 73 now, and I’ve spent the time to find the right pieces with the right stats, then added the right affixes to upgrade them all into Legendaries (such a good system!), and I have to say, where I struggled in Tier 4 Helltides and solo dungeon runs before (had to use potions) I now melt everything and never once have to use a potion to heal.

I get that in a few more levels time I’ll have to probably get rid of my current min-maxed gear and find upgrades, but that’s the loop, right?! You sometimes feel too weak, but then you get to a stage where you feel like it’s challenging but fun, then you get to a stage where you feel like a God. Rinse and repeat.

Maybe the scaling will be an issue as I progress more levels (people at 80+ seem to think so), but the more I play the game the more I love it. Still feels very much like a solo game, but the Helltide events are awesome fun. I hate countdown mechanics in most games, but farming enough cinders to open 2 mystery chests and 2 normal chests as the timer runs down is addicting. A true hour of power. Love the world bosses too.

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