Diablo Immortal: Stepping down as leader of Australia Clan


Today I stepped down as leader of Australia Clan. I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo IV and trying to keep up with Diablo Immortal, but I’ve never been able to play more than one game at the same time. I figure I might still be able to play Diablo Immortal as a casual, especially if I step down from a leadership role.

Here’s the announcement I shared with the clan:

Hi all! Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve decided to step down as co-lead of Australia Clan.

Initialy I was hesitant to step up to the role, but thankfully Tazzly was willing to co-lead with me. I couldn’t have done it without him. Special thanks to our officers Lunate, Sausage and DarkSader too for the hard work, support and voice of reason when I needed it.

Much thanks to all of you. Especially those who have been with us from the start, and stayed with us when there was a change in leadership. I love you guys!

It’s been a wild ride! I’m very much looking forward to enjoying Diablo Immortal as an Australia Clan member without the added responsibilities of running a clan.

Much gratitude X.

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