Do-Luck Digital G-Sensor

Specific to BNR32.

The unit.

I’ve left the old G-Sensor unit in there for now, it’s the big gold box.

Next up – got to get to those leaky seals.

My G-Sensor died a while back. The last few times I drove the car it’s been in rear wheel drive only mode (spinning the wheels hard in 2nd = shit my pants moments).

I did some research and found a few people have had their g-sensors die on them. Nissan wants over $1,000 for a replacement unit so many have found ways to fix their existing units but after a tip-off from Xiao, a mate of mine, I ordered a Do-Luck Digital G-Sensor unit from JDMyard which took ages to get here as it’s made to order.

Apparently the increase in sensitivity and reaction rate for this Digital G-Sensor vs. the stock analog unit is 30 times greater than stock. It’s designed to work with sudden acceleration and braking too. IE: once traction breaks this gadget should respond quicker = better handling.

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2 Responses to Do-Luck Digital G-Sensor

  1. Thavan Ean says:

    hey man i was just wondering does the new sensor work fine and did you have to alter anything to make it work?