Dropping to flat = bad (duh?!)

OK so I could have done a lot more damage to my ankle last Monday at Manly Dam when I went off the big drop. I’ve since gone for a few rides around the block and my ankle still feels a little tender but at least I can still ride!

I was initially a little upset that the bike is set up just how I like it but it bottomed out hard going off this drop. If I put more air in the rear shock it might not bottom out so hard off these drops but then it would surely ruin the setup for the rest of the trail.

I asked for input on MTBR and got some great input, especially the bit about putting my feet forward on the pedals:

One other thing I’ve been thinking about is finding my limit. I suppose I’ve been slowly but surely pushing myself to go harder on the bike throughout the year, it’s a natural progression right? Well after last Monday I think I’ve just about found my limit and I’m glad I’ve done so as it’s hopefully going to put an end to the frustration I feel at times when I “whimp” out of doing something.

We all have to draw the line somewhere. Going over that line could hinder progression. Just a pre-xmas thought!

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