Fallout 4 – End Game Review

My companion Dogmeat in armour!

My bedroom, all decked out!

Complete collection of Bobbleheads. Excuse Bae, who’s photobombing hard!

The comic book art is awesome in Fallout 4. Each comic you find builds up your character and you can display them all on a magazine rack.

My workshop where I work on unfinished power armour.

Hey Preston! I’ve dressed up all my main companions and settlers as gimps haha!

Gorillas in the mist. Bae and I exploring together.

I’ve turned the Red Rocket Truck Stop into my 2nd base, an all women settlement (stealing clothes off characters is one of my fave things to do in the game lol!) which houses this stolen Atom Cats power armour.

My most powerful power armour (of all 20 in my collection!), with jetpack!

I’ve spent the last week (quite literally!) playing Fallout 4 and man, I’ve been loving it! Initially I didn’t think I was going to get hooked, but I got into the story and once I did I had to finish it. Once I finished the story I didn’t want the game to stop, so I started doing my thing, tweaking this and that, min-maxing this and that, and that’s where this game really kicked in for me.

Things I’ve done since finishing the main story:
– Build up my settlement (Sanctuary) and made it feel like home. I’ve set up supply lines too so I can share junk between settlements.
– Find, collect and modify lots and lots of power armours!
– Find and modify weapons.
– Collect every single bobblehead!
– Collect comics and magazines.

I’ve reached the end of the dialogue with my fave companions (Preston is my first man and Piper is my bae who my character has now romanced) and now I’m considering purchasing the various DLC’s which with further expand my Fallout 4 world (oh noes!).

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4 Responses to Fallout 4 – End Game Review

  1. Paul says:

    Looks great. Not to many hours game play though? Not that it’s bad! If you have not played the bioshock series dude- I highly recommend it.

    • Justin Fox says:

      Will do man, sounds good. And yeah it’s not multiplayer!!!! That explains why there aren’t so many game hours (real shame!).

  2. Ian says:

    Nice. I recommend the DLC. The wasteland workshop and vault tech workshop are fun if you any working on your settlements but the really fun stuff is Far Harbour and Nuka World. It’s a blast.

    • Justin Fox says:

      Got the season pass and loving it all! I hear mods are coming now too to PS4! Perfect timing!!!