Genuine Ralliart mirrors

Installed some genuine discontinued Ralliart mirrors today.

Ralliart mirror left, stock mirror right.

The mirrors use slightly wide mirror glass which makes visibility a little strange but way better than what I was expecting (I’ve heard a few people say that they couldn’t see shit out of them, have read the same thing online too). Getting out of Zen Garage is difficult, but I had great vision with the mirrors. Driving on the street was perfect and I don’t miss the massive mirrors at all. :)

I scored these Ralliart mirrors a week ago. I’ve loved them ever since seeing them on a Ralliart equipped EVO at the 2005 Sydney Motor Show.

They’re powered (whereas all replicas are manual) and as expected, there’s some wear and tear at the very tops of both sides in the clear coat, something I might look into restoring in future which wold be well worth it as they’ve been out of production for years and they fetch over a thousand a set on eBay if they’re mint (there’s a set on there now for $1400AUD!).

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One Response to Genuine Ralliart mirrors

  1. mike says:

    these mirrors dont look good on a white car. looks like you got no mirrors

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