Australia Day

First stop: 212 Blu in Newtown.

Chai and Coffee. Grey cups for a grey (and rainy) day.

I went for the Boss One Hander; Shaved leg ham, poached egg and slaw. Delish!

Nyaw friendship rings!

Next stop: Carriageworks in Redfern.

Christian Boltanski’s massive installation “Chance”.

Slow Jazz and chills at Cornerstone Bar & Food within Carriageworks. Loved the building, couldn’t help but dream of a similar space for Zen Garage.

Next stop: White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale.

Such an impressive building, really loved the show too.

Next stop: Central Park.

The place was dead, but the whole mall and surrounds are nice actually, loved the Melbourne/Japan/community vibes.

Next Stop: Watsons Bay. The sun finally came out in the afternoon so Jess and I headed straight to the water.

The Hotel was packed so we settled for Doyles on the pier. Sydney Rock Oysters, fish, scallops, bliss!

Next Stop: Messina! Coconut Lychee’s my thing.

And Jess loves affogatos.

When we got back to Jess’ place her flatmate and friends were about to get anhialated on this vodka infused watermelon!

And Jess was in the mood to bake a Black Star Bakery Strawberry and Watermelon cake (SO good!).

My Mum’s B’day falls on Australia Day every year and we usually celebrate it with lots of booze and a BBQ, but plans fell through this year as my nephew Leo isn’t well.

Jess didn’t have anything planned so we hooked up and had a spontaneous day of rummaging around Sydney, which turned out to be a great big day out!

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