Happy B’day Jing!

The boys (lol @ Matt Mead – KKK!) – instagram shot by Jing.

instagram shot by Jing.

Happy B’day boy. Ladies take note – Jing’s wonderful wife Shirley let’s him put his bikes in their lounge room, yes she does. :) – instagram shot by Shirley.

Wasn’t exactly Jing’s B’day as his B’day is 10 days away from today. Chinese B’day maybe? Or pre-Valentines Day? In any case the BMU guys got together and hit the Karts, we then (only just) pulled off a surprise party by all being there to spook him as he got out of the shower at his new apartment. Together we bought him a new Next Level Racing GT5 set-up. You’d think we had enough driving with the Karts?!

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2 Responses to Happy B’day Jing!

  1. ley says:

    thanks for coming and being part of the fun! it was good to see you again uncle justin :)

  2. ladies says:

    only looks like 3 bikes! not 7!

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