Happy Birthday Liz!

Image title: LizRocks.jpg

Facebook told me (#sadbuttrue) that it’s my good friend Liz’s Birthday today. I messaged her to ask how old she was, she replied: “Fucking older than you! Lol”.

I forget that Liz is older than me! I love it that some creatives out there consider me somewhat a mentor to them, but those friends closest to me know that I’ve been looking for an older mentor my whole professional life. Now I think I’ve had one all along! It’s LIZ!!!!!!!

I’m gaining so much clarity not smoking bongs. Beautiful memories are coming back, food tastes fucking amazing, my head is positively charged! At some point I’d love to take (or get a mate to take) some really good photos of Liz and I together. We have a few, but I want more! Positive energy and love is the way.

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