I feel sick

I took Christina’s cousin Norman on his 1st ever trail ride last Monday night and 15 minutes in he scored a cramp in his leg and just fell over screaming. 15 minutes later he got back on the bike, a few pedals and he went down again, this time getting tangled up in the bike screaming as he had the cramp return but in both legs! Weak Norman! You’re 19yrs old, you should be fit! Un-able to go on John (jlam off the BMU forums) and I escorted Norman back to the carpark and I drove him back to central. I was both super frustrated and angry that I didn’t get my big Monday night ride in, but seeing him limp along as he got out of the car just made me laugh out loud.

Poor Norman.

Down he goes again.

In other news I’m feeling pretty sick! I’ve not had the flu in over a year now thanks to riding and being fit. I was starting to feel rather indestructable to be honest. But I put it down to a combination of things. Drinking too much last weekend saw me wake up with hangovers, being out in the cold when the sun went down at Renato’s outdoor wedding, drinking some more that night, stress from work (now that Caryn’s taken on a full time job I do all the work that comes in the door) and being woken up at 6.45AM by the workmen working on the house every morning means I’ve not been getting enough sleep for the past week.

I’m pretty determinded to knock it on the head before it gets worse though, helps that it’s raining heaps outside. I’ll just stay in and be miserable.

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