IKEA Rudsta Wide 4 month update.

What an amazing 4 months it’s been! Keeping plants has been such a truly rewarding hobby that keeps on giving.

I’ve gotten to the stage now where I’ve started to identify which plants I love more than others, and this has helped me to stop the impulse buying (I have a fair few plants outside of the cabinet now), and instead create more of a wish-list of plants I’d love to one day own.

I’m still upset that my Alocasia Watsoniana outgrew the cabinet. It was such a great centre piece. It’s since pushed out a HUGE new leaf outside of the cabinet though. I did try to get it back in there, but 100% no go. The Alocasia Longiloba ‘May’ (Hybrid) has now pushed out a massive new leaf too (you can see it in the background at the top if you look closely). It’s also outgrowing the cabinet!

I have 2 Queen Anthuriums in there. A baby one (top right) and a bigger one I bought (it was all bashed up on purchase). Both have pushed out new leaves, but even the new leaves have come out imperfect (I swear I didn’t touch them at all!). Seeing the imperfect leaves every day is just… depressing! I’ve cut a few yellow bits off, but as much as I’m obsessed with the plant I find more joy in the plants that are pushing out perfect new leaves.

Figuring out which plants bring me joy (and which do not) is all a part of the journey I suppose!

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