I’m almost back

No haul. Definitely not used to coming home empty from an overseas trip!

It’s nice to have a woman around the house again.

The struggle is real. Some girls love putting on makeup, Amanda hates it. I just love that I often get to watch the process!

Beautiful with, even more beautiful without (trying to convince a girl to shoot without makeup is another thing altogether though!).

I’m still without an iPhone, but I’ve got my bank cards in order, an interim drivers license and I’ve even managed to figure out how to instagram without a phone. Hilariously my internet went down over the weekend as I had an overdue bill on the previous credit card, which I then cancelled from Vegas, and Telstra figured I’d done the runner so they cut my internet, which almost killed me as getting that back on without a phone was pretty fucked up.

I shot with Amanda yesterday though. Photos from the session can be viewed here. She’s here for another week so I hope we stop talking, and shoot some more before she leaves!

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