Battlefield 1 vs Dishonored 2 vs Skyrim Special Edition

Released 5 years ago, now remastered, it’s amazing how Skyrim holds up to the other 2 brand new games below.

Dishonored 2, this story/action/adventure style of gameplay is more new to me than the other 2 games.

BF1’s first person shooter all the way, definitely gameplay I’m more familiar with.

I’ve spent a fair few hours on the games above since I’ve been back from LA but I’ve failed to get the bug with either of them. Out of the 3 I’ve spent more hours in Skyrim where I’ve followed the main quest and finished the main storyline. I felt I needed to at least give it that much, but I don’t have the urge to keep on exploring Skyrim’s huge open world mainly because I’m just not that into the world of Skyrim (LOTR/dragons/magic etc).

Having said that I’m actually not into the worlds of any of these games and that probably plays a huge factor here. Dishonored 2 has a gothic/magic/dark mystery adventure style gameplay that’s visually spectacular (the animation sequences where you’re actually murdering someone are pretty intense), but it also left me with the feeling of not really playing the game, like I was steering more than truly being immersed in the world and free to roam and discover.

Then there’s BF1. Yup EA know how to make a game with a really polished feel. Clean menus, clean type. I threw myself into a few campaign modes and hated being in the tank, and then in a plane. I then loaded up some multiplayer and found it super frustrating as I was being one-shotted for hours at a time. I went back to campaign play but stayed out of vehicles (I played Gallipoli) and saw what all the fuss was about. The Gallipoli campaign was fantastic, great character development considering how short the cut scenes were, great music, great combat too.

I’m quite sure I’m done with Skyrim, and I’m really not keen to keep on playing Dishonored 2 despite it being the prettiest world out of the 3 games above and also having the most interesting gameplay. If anything I’ll most likely just play a little BF1 multiplayer from time to time, but one thing’s for sure; playing all 3 of these games has really left me yearning for the release of Fallout 5! The boxes I now need ticking are: rpg, shooter, looter, open world, character development & storyline (yeah not that much to ask!).

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