Inside Out

Yesterday I got a really nice email from a fellow designer:

Dear Justin,

Many years ago, I think circa 2002, I made contact with you asking for feedback on my work. You kindly made time for me, and generously invited me to your house to show you my work.

I asked you before I left “do you think I’ll make it” to which you replied , ‘yes’

Just wanted to let you know, I ‘made it’, I am a designer for Inside Out magazine, I have a small little blog going

And, I actually finished uni!

I’m writing to say, THANK YOU so much, thank you for instilling that bit of faith into me and for taking the time to help a young design student out from the start.

Many thanks,
grace lee designer INSIDEout Magazine

Grace’s email made my day. It’s stuff like this that define Kharma for me. Love her little blog too, some of her images made me smile, some made me giggle. Coincidentally I’ve been reading a lot of INSIDEout magazines (Mum has HEAPS of them!) and they’ve been a source of inspiration for the house rennovations. INSIDEout have a great little staff blog worth checking out too.

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