Jacks Newtown


The only thing I’m really missing about the US is the junk food. Jacks Newtown is Sydney’s answer to Shake Shack, in that they’ve ripped off the Shake Shack logo, and pretty much the entire concept right down to the small burger bun and crinkly fries.

Glenn (who took the above photo with an iPhone 6 Plus in portrait mode!) and Robbie have been hyping up this joint. We dropped past a week or so before the Vegas trip, they were shut (they close when they sell out and close often apparently!). Since then I’ve been to LA, and had Shake Shack (for the first time) twice, and I really rated it too, so with the Shake Shack taste fresh in my memory we hit Jacks last night and whoo! They were open!

So how did I rate it? The fries were bang on! Super crunchy, if anything I wish they had the option to have cheese on top (just like they do at Shake Shack). The burger itself was bang on too. They had the tiny bun thing happening, loved the taste of the tomato/pickle/sauce, perfecto, patty was good too but the patty was where all the difference was between a Jacks burger and a Shake Shack burger. That dirty meat flavour in the Shake Shack patty just makes the Jacks patty taste almost too clean, having said that, Jacks is probably serving the best burger in Sydney right now!

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