Inception! Berty shooting Scotty shooting Sarah!

Berty and Scotty (with an a7S even!) at work.

Love how the Zen Stand lit up tonight!

A shot from Mitch’s drone. I counted over 1000 cars, easy!

It’s 1.17AM and I’m still up, surging, maybe because I had one too many coffees at Brewristas earlier today with Alain as well as Pauline and Mark from Red Lantern Restaurants (I’m usually a one coffee a day guy). Or maybe it’s because the rain held off at the JDMST EOYM tonight and my gamble to go with my gut paid off with over 1000 cars coming out to play!

The forecast a week out was thunderstorms for Monday night. Earlier today BOM had issued a severe weather warning. 70% chance of rain out West became 80% later in the day. My phone was going CRAZY with SMS messages and messenger messages asking if the meet was going ahead or not. I also had some suggestions to postpone the meet, some suggestions came from really level headed people too, which I admit, started to sway me from listening to my gut. But hey, I’m the luckiest guy alive and my gut said it wasn’t going to rain, and too right, it didn’t rain! Not a single drop!!!

What an awesome meet. All the doubters missed out (as usual), so too all those who complained about the meet being held on a Monday night (seriously, it’s not a rave, or pub crawl?! Not like you’d be late for work the next day, or hung over?! It’s just 3hrs in a car park!!! I can’t see the difference between going to a car meet, or, say… dinner out?!). JDMST EOMM’s are back, baby! Here’s to a meet a month in 2015!!!

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3 Responses to JDMST EOYM

  1. Sam says:

    2 for 2 on beating severe weather warnings Justin – ZEN Photowalk #1 & JDMST EOYM. Got a Powerball ticket yet?

  2. Jason Tjoeng says:

    Great work Justin! A great meet with a great crowd! Thank you to all the organisers :) #hektikest

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