Mum drives me everywhere. Time for me to get a car and start driving again me thinks.

David Jivan has moved!



Loving his new office. It’s a house, but has been converted SO well. Heaps of natural light and above all, great vibes!

He’s kept the hole in the wall from his last office!

Mum took me to see David Jivan today. Naturopath Extraordinaire. I had to tell him all about my adventure down to the depths, and my current climb out of the hole. He was shocked, of-course, and sympathetic. He also bolstered me up with extra time to just talk shit, and tell stories. Felt more like a well being spa than an office. Loved every minute of it!

Oh, and I got a few takeaways too. Stuff to help me sleep, stuff to help bring out the good energy, stuff to make my insides better!

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/davidjivannaturopath/

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