Kona Paddy Wagon

This morning I took the Kuwahara Apollo out for a good spin and found that I just didn’t like it. It’s lazy geometry felt just that, lazy. The bike just felt slow. I went for a quick spin on my single speed straight after and found it so much more enjoyable (apples and oranges though).

Tonight Ben rocked up to a JDMST meet in his new B’day pressie to himself. A Kona Paddy Wagon, single speed with a flip flop hub so you can choose fixed, or freewheel. He had it in freewheel and I got to take it for a spin. It’s awesome. 42/16 gearing but even that was too light and I found myself spinning out. It’s a heavy bike but it’s so fast you can’t tell it’s weight when you’re rolling. All in all I’m impressed and it further justfied my dislike fo rthe Apollo this morning. Good thing then as I put the Apollo on eBay and it sold for $250!!! (inc shipping).

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One Response to Kona Paddy Wagon

  1. Bima Surya says:

    what the tires and brake you used?