Lake Macquarie Fishing Trip

Bags packed, have been looking forward to this much deserved break for a while now. Matt picked me up from Zen and on route we were discussing where we were going to stay. A jetty, a cinema room… it all sounded way too familiar, turns out it was the house next door to the amazing place I stayed at last year.

The house on the left is the one I stayed at last year, we were staying in the one on the right, also such a great house.

Was so awesome to be back here. Such an amazing place.

We were all together to celebrate Jing’s B’day, which we did last year at The Entrance, this year we were treated to an amazing strawberry and watermelon B’day cake by Black Star Pastry!

The B’day boy. Couldn’t get over Jing’s new hairstyle for at least the first 20 minutes, haha.

We hit the grog pretty late last night, coffee and breakfast set us right in no time.

Jing’s Audi Allroad (I love it!).

Such a nice place to be inside. A short drive to Pelican to hire some boats for the day.

Pelicans at Pelican!

Unfortunately we failed to get a house boat, so we had to settle for 2 dinghy’s instead.

We collectively caught a lot of Brim (I only managed to catch one), but none of them were of legal size, still great fun though!

Winnie made a killer spag bol for dinner. So so good.

And she also made pizza! Home made bases and all!

Late afternoon chills on the jetty.

Cards by night.

We had a late checkout and ended up making the most of it, the boys ended up taking the house supplied dinghy and canoes for a fish on the river.

So cute. Ethan upset that his Dad was rowing back to Vietnam!

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