Latin Poet

Caught up with Rodrigo last week, a mate I’ve not jammed with in AGES.

I always respected him as a musician, he’s the real deal, and it’s great to see him gigging more than ever.

I can respect anyone who can get up on a stage with nothing but a guitar (you have no band to hide behind and the crowd can hear all your mistakes!).

We caught up because Rod has followed me for some time, and he wanted to have an open chat about potentially getting more out there through social media.

Like many people our age, we find it hard to value Facebook and Instagram over real face to face time with friends, but I was there to convince him it’s a necessity more than an option.

Rod has mastered his craft, and for that reason alone his opinion is worth it. What he reads, sees and hears is all worth sharing, and sharing more of himself is what I think he needs to do in order to get more people to go to his gigs for that face to face time he desires.

I’ve spent the morning going through his Latin Poet Facebook Page. He’s only got 60 followers, I’m hoping you guys will take a time out, play this song, and just enjoy it for what it is, a catchy tune from the heart.

Don’t watch the video even! Just play it in another tab and do whatever it is you’re doin’.

PS: His Facebook Page; please like: LatinPoet

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