Little Maxy’s first visit to the Vet

Little Maxy at the vet.

A few nights ago little Maxy fell off the top rung of the cat tree and he mustn’t have landed right as he was meowing in pain from his fall. He limped out from behind the cat tree (which is in the corner next to our couch) and I managed to pinpoint the pain to his right wrist (as he’d meow when I massaged it in that area). Turns out Christina said he was limping a few nights before that so I assumed he already had hurt himself and the fall from the cat tree just further aggravated it. Later that night he jumped off Christina’s shoulder and this time he really screwed himself. He cried a lot, curled up in a ball under the coffee table with his sore arm tucked into his tummy.

Pretty stressful shit. I mean seriously… I was stressing out, worried and pretty angry and upset.

The next day Christina called the Vet, but being the Easter holidays they were shut. A few days later he seemed fine except you could see at times that he wasn’t quite putting all of his weight on his right foot and when we massaged it where it hurt he’d still meow.

Today I finally got around to taking Max to the vet. The vet was certain that nothing was broken, and that it’s just a sprain, and with more rest he’d be fine (she offered medication but we both agreed that he’d be better off without it). Kinda knew nothing was broken, but it’s nice to have the vet’s assurance in any case (phew I can sleep again!).

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