Entrance is a little freaky to get to if you park downstairs. There’s a little lift up and choosing the right button to press was almost a challenge!

Service staff was pleasant but they stuffed up placement of meals more than a few times, something that probably shouldn’t happen at this level of dining. They also kept forgetting my sister was pregnant (offering her wine a few times).

Kingfish was a nice start…

..sea pearls looked (and sounded) more amazing though!

Marron was nice. I found the sauce a bit too sweet for my liking, but it was cooked to perfection and the little details on the plate were amazing both on the eye and taste buds.

Pig jowl was otherworldly.

Snow egg was also amazing, like a deconstructed modern pav, just so refreshingly sweet after such rich foods.

Towards the end of the night (luckily for us, but not lucky for the table next to us who were just starting their entree’s) a young Asian kid threw up creamy light brown vomit which splattered all over the dark carpet (we assume he was drunk and on his way to the bathroom). Just not the kinda thing you see in a restaurant, period! Shocked everyone, even the staff initially didn’t know what to do!

Group shot.

The mothers.

Richie and Jamie.

Jess’ balloon pants…were…amazing!

Christina and I finally got to dine at Peter Gilmore’s QUAY restaurant last night (we were there to celebrate Christina’s 25th B’day!). We’ve read many mixed reviews over the past year or so and in retrospect I can understand why some would think some of his dishes are hit and miss. I just think that his signature dishes are just so damn good that it makes some of his lesser known dishes seem lesser quality.

My only word of advice: If you’re going to go, be sure to order his signature dishes, or to make it easier, go for the tasting menu. DO NOT order a dish different to your partner thinking that you can “share” as his dishes are so small, and his signature dishes so good that you won’t want to share (his dishes are so intricate that taking them apart to eat them is like a game in itself, one that you don’t want to end so soon!).

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