Meet my Mage, David Jivan

Meet my Mage, my Wizzard David Jivan – Naturopath

I last saw David about 15 years ago. I’d been suffering from IBS since I was a kid and with David’s help I managed to control and overcome that shit.

Last time David had me on a very black and white diet which I just couldn’t keep up, but I was young, and I see how he needed to be hard on me in order to see change. This time I’ve come back a man, and in need of real help and I had a hunch that David would be all ears, and too right he was.

I’ve been watching a lot of Joe Rogan’s shows, he often has amazing human beings from athletes to scientists to archeologists and everything in between. Joe’s a smoker, and often brings smoking up in conversations with his guests (I feel he almost pushes it). I’ve often found conversations around the fact that some of the world’s best athletes smoke interesting, specifically how smoking is bad for you, and how does an athlete negate the negative side effects of smoking, or is there even a way?

That inevitably had me asking Mum if she could set up a meeting with her Naturopath David Jivan, and today I got to spend a couple of hours with the man with the ‘loose’ plan. Loose being the key word here and after I’ve stated my whole story in the privacy of his sanctum (in front of my Mum too), he’s more than willing to help me achieve baby steps in order to get to a happier place.

There’s a plan in action, but he’s also mixed up some special potions for me to take home. It’s these potions I really wanted out of this meeting today. These magic potions that will help me to negate the harmful effects of smoking. It’s no solution, but it’s still a small step and small steps back into the light are just what I need right now.

PS: David will be on TV this Sunday on House of Wellness at 10am Channel 7TWO. Looks like TV is his new thing, suits him too has he fills the room with energy this guy. Timing is funny too as I’ll be putting myself in front of the camera more next year if all goes to plan!

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  1. lemmiwinks says:

    Good for you dude! Hope you find the strength to stick it out.