Melbourne Trip – Day 2 – JDMST EOMM

Thanks to Kyne (a very generous guy who we hadn’t met before) Christina and I managed to get a lift to the JDMST meet out at Doncaster. Turns out it’s the biggest Melbourne JDMST meet I’ve attended so far.

Melbourne guys have a great sense of humor which came through in all the decals I spotted on various cars.

Micra on fat meshies.

I see this decal all the time on Lancers in Sydney. I met Irving, the guy who owns this car (nice guy!), it turns out he also runs the Victorian chapter of Club CJ

Carey kindly offered us a lift back to the city for drinks and a bite to eat at the Little Creatures brewery (always great). He’s just launched his Tumblr site, it’s awesome so be sure to check it out:

The bill, very cute.

On the way back to the hotel Christina got busy on this water fountain (out the front of the Westin) with some Autumn leaves.

You can view many more pics here.

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2 Responses to Melbourne Trip – Day 2 – JDMST EOMM

  1. Irving says:

    Likewise, it was great to have met both Suga and you… . Be sure to let us know if you’re down this way again!