I just came across a Cannondale brochure from 1990 and I’ve finally tracked down the bike I used to have. It was a 1990 Cannondale SM1000. One down from top of the line. I bought the frame in Hong Kong, packed it in a suit case and built it from scratch. I remembered taking in kitchen scales into Europa cycles in the city and weighing parts (I was a weight weenie even back then) only to have the guys in the shop laugh at me. I used BMX brake levers for less weight, flouro green brake cables for style. I had some custom wheels made up with double butted spokes and I worked at Europa cycles for many weekends and was given a Deore XT rear derailleur for payment. The bike came in at 11kg’s if I remember right. I loved it a lot, and sold it for an amazing lot of money in the trading post (a few thousand if I remember right!) in order to buy my first motorcycle.

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