MKV Interior

My old pocket camera definitely couldn’t take shots like this! Yes I could have framed these shots a little better but hey, the Lumix GF-1 takes a quick snappy shot in full auto and I’m treating it like it’s a tiny point and shoot. I’ve got some subjects coming over later tonight. Low light, good wine and a bit of Wii action! I’ll see how the new camera copes with that!

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  1. Paul says:

    Welcome to WP! I have had a Lumix LX3 for 6 months now. The best camera i’ve owned thus far. Replaced a 7 yr old Olympus something or other that was falling apart. I love the sports mode for all shots…..say good by to blurring for ever! Make sure you have auto focus on too- that is a must! And the 720p HD video…well…’s sublime.

    I take it on all of my outdoor adventures and it has already taken a fair few knocks. But I love it dearly…so cannot resist it’s companionship. One thing that i wish i had done is get a lens protector- some UV filters- and the fish eye lens. But i still could i suppose. It just LOVES the outdoors too….!!

    You have a gem there- and i doubt that i’ll buy another brand after using a Lumix. Bloody amazing!

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