MKV Updates

20mm H&R bolt on spacers. Bolting on the spacers to the hub is easy as the right bolts are supplied but my aftermarket Kics Project wheel bolts were a tiny bit too long. Luckily the front OEM rotors have extra holes drilled out of them (no idea why) and this allowed me to use the longer aftermarket studs except one, which was blocked by a torx bolt that holds the disc. I had to grind that one bolt down 2mm to get it to fit but the end result is perfect!

The 2 pulleys, new and old. The Neuspeed kit weighs an amazing 1.39kg less than the stock one.

All installed.

Neuspeed says their kit gains 5-7HP. I can tell you 100% for sure that the car now has better response. That annoying tiny bit of lag when you accelerate with only half throttle is now a lot less annoying! VERY VERY HAPPY :)

Next up I wanted to get rid of the rubbing noises I’m getting from the rear. On close inspection I was really wearing away the carpet like fender lining in the wheel arch. I decided to rip it all out!

All ripped out. I took off the front brake heat/dust shields too for better brake cooling when I hit the track.

Here are my adjusted weight savings:

Antenna: -20g
Golf Manual: -818g
Tool kit: -3.78kg
Parcel tray: -1.82kg
Rear floor: -1.62kg
Rear seat bottom: -4.96kg
Rear single seat back: -6.46kg
Rear double seat back: -17.48kg
Spare wheel: -14.34kg
Rear wiper assembly: -1.02kg
License Plate surround + fog light block-off panel -300g
Rear floor matts: -572g
Osir carbon bonnet -6kg
Rear boot trim panel: -1.74kg
Rear boot trim: -2.57
Amplifier cover: -170g
Undertray: -880g
Exhaust heatshield: -560g
Oil filler neck -35g
Battery box -646g
Fog Lights -420g
Rear fender lining: -1.5kg
Front brake heat shields: -720g
+10.80kg (H&R swaybars/Cross Coilovers)
-3kg (Miltek Turbo Back Exhaust)
-200g (Neuspeed Turbo Discharge kit)
+1.2kg (Forge Twintake)
– 12kg (Advan RZ + Toyo R888)
+395g (Kics lug nuts)
+1960g (H&R + ECS Wheel Spacers)
– 464g (new MKV rear hatch mechanism)
– 4.58kg (Odyssey Battery)
+ 400g (Unibrace)
– 1393g (Neuspeed pulley kit)
= -73111g

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