Modifier for life

Photo by Seb.

Since getting a few bits and pieces done on the DC2R I’m all of a sudden finding myself dedicating a few hours a day googling around for images of other DC2Rs, prowling eBay and classifieds sections of forums for parts and generally speaking; doing my head in.

I haven’t modified anything since the Golf GTI, the DC2R’s been a great daily driver and I’ve done well to avoid going down the (expensive) route of turning it into a track inspired car but yesterday day I committed to installing an intake, headers, high flow cat and cat-back exhaust from JDMyard. Cha-ching, do I really want to be spending all this money on this car?! I thought that if I thought about it too much I wouldn’t end up spending it, so I just made the call.

Later that afternoon on the way home from work I was pulled over by the police for a random breath test. Man, the feeling of being pulled over in a stock car absolutely rocks as I had nothing to fear in regards to defects. I didn’t even need to take my sunnies off, or brown nose Mr. Officer. He checked out my license, I counted to 10 then he wished me a nice day.

When I got home I called Zi to cancel the order I put in for parts. It’s amazing how doing a few little things has given me the mod bug again… must hold it at bay, at least until my Toyota 86 gets here on the 10th of next month!

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2 Responses to Modifier for life

  1. Jing says:

    Yup, keep the dosh for the 86

  2. Danny says:

    Storm Black GTS in manual?