More goodies for the DC2R

Lucky cats @ JDMyard.

Couldn’t get my eyes off these amazing 15inch TE37Vs, love the step lip design, so aggressive!

JDMyard HID kit.

JDMyard HID.

HID ballast, expertly tucked out of sight by the crew at JDMyard.

All done. Not too blue, just a tinge, more a bright white.

The boys were way too quick installing a Buddy Club short shifter. Pictured here the OEM shifter in the Buddy Club shifter box (for me to take away).

A Hardrace camber kit was installed too in case I want to dial in more negative camber in the rear.

I couldn’t resist buying this Honda Access Aroma Moment air freshener. What an awesome little gizmo. It plugs into your cigarette lighter and emits a fresh fragrance (there’s a switch to turn it off, on, and there’s a super strong mode too). I got the ‘pure herb’ scent, it’s awesome.

In situ.

I’m thinking I want to take Mondays off now that I work Saturdays @ Zen Garage. I don’t mind Mondays, people tend to be a little less furious on the roads which seem quieter, maybe because a lot of people take the day off or leave work earlier.

Strangely though, Monday’s are one of the busiest days for me. Heaps of emails to go through and lots of weekend online orders to pack and send so this morning I ended up getting to work just to pack and send orders made over the weekend. After that was done I dropped in to JDMyard again to do a few more things to the Type R.

In keeping with the ‘freshen it up’ theme I installed a JDMyard HID kit, a Buddy Club short shifter kit, Hardrace rear camber kit and I bought an air freshener too.

JDMyard HID kit:
The OEM lights are crazy weak, especially at night with all this rain we’re getting. I went for the JDMyard HID kit. It’s cheap, and comes with a massive 2 year replacement warranty (major deciding factor for me as I’ve had an aftermarket HID kit die on me before) and damn it’s bright!!!

Buddy Club short shifter:
A guy with a DC2 came in to Zen last Saturday, he had a Buddy Club short shifter installed. I had a go and loved it instantly. Super notchy, reminds me a lot of the S2K shift feel so I had to have it.

Hardrace camber kit:
Rears are pretty upright at stock height. I got these installed in case I want to adjust rear camber down the line.

Honda Access air freshener:
Old car, not quite old smells, but I couldn’t resist this gadget!

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