Nanami got invited to be an MTV IT Girl leading up to Curvy, SO RAD! She so deserves all these awesome opportunities she gets. As usual Nana was nervous and a little anxious (I’m no different despite how many times I do talks or have to get in front of the camera), so she asked me to come along for support, and to also take a few behind the scenes shots. Turns out one of the other IT Girls was Ainsley Hutchence of Sticks & Stones Agency who featured a Cacia Zoo x Jess shoot of mine a while back. Was super rad to meet her!

Was a horrible grey windy and rainy morning. Sydney’s turned, hard, over the past few days (no more beach!). We started at MTV Australia (nice offices!), where Nana was dressed in H&M gear, then got her hair & makeup done too. We had lunch, then headed to Nanami’s studio where MTV’s film crew did their thing (was great to watch them work and Nana killed it!).

Full Set: http://www.justinfoxphoto.com/stories#/mtvitgirls/

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