Nanami buys her 1st car

Denlo in Parramatta.

Peter Zhang was our sales guy and he was AWESOME!

Sealing the deal.

Happy Nana. These guys were great!


Nana’s first car!

Spent the day helping Nanami buy a VW Polo today. They’re GREAT little cars! Super zippy, planted, fun cars to drive. She opted for the better package with more power (the little turbo rips!) and it’s black interior is a nice place to be in, especially with the alcantara seats.

The first dealer we called (closest to us) sold the car we were after 15 minutes earlier. He let us in on the fact that he didn’t budge on the price though. We mentioned we found one at another dealer for cheaper, the guy then pretty much told us to go grab it as he couldn’t match the price.

We then drove out to Denlo Volkswagen in Parramatta, our sales guy was Peter Zhang, and man, the guy just made the whole experience a great one. I often call dealers stealers, but this guy’s a great guy, and he made buying the car personable and ultimately a super fun and exciting experience for Nanami, which I’m really happy for!

We go back next week to pick her new car up! I’ll try to get more snaps then!

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