Never underestimate the power of a phone call

So what’s with all this attitude at 42? Understandable if I was young, but telling the boss of an international brand that you think you love the brand more than he does sounds pretty damn arrogant, and that’s exactly what I said to Jose Angeles, the big man at Toyo Tyres Australia a couple of years ago during our first meeting.

Over the years I’ve developed an interesting relationship with most of my clients. It takes a lot for a client to take risks on me and allow me to work the way I want to work, because if you try to make me work the way everybody else does… well then there’s friction, and well, then basically nothing gets done.

I got a message from Nicholas Green yesterday. Nick has been a middle man of sorts in my relationship with Toyo. He simply asked for a Toyo update and I lost my shit.

It’s funny how much pressure we put on ourselves. It’s funny how much pressure money puts on me and how much pressure I put on money. In a time where I’m hyper aware of how little energy I have for anything but working on personal issues and gaming, I still wake up with ZEN and Toyo on the brain and if I scroll through my feeds, though there are less posts I still see ZEN and Toyo posts in the mix.

It’s this natural connect that is important to me and I love that Toyo and many other of my clients leave me alone to do what I like when I like, but for some reason, a simple question from Nick yesterday made me feel an immense pressure, like what I was doing wasn’t enough, like maybe we should just drop the relationship, like what the hell was I thinking?

It’s taken a few deep breaths, an apology, and a phone call to both Nick and Jose to calm me down. Thanks Nick, and Jose for being pillars and mirrors for me. I didn’t like what I saw in the reflection, but I’m glad I’ve seen it, and I’m massively grateful for the support.

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One Response to Never underestimate the power of a phone call

  1. Paul says:

    Hey dude. I admit back in the day this silly behaviour was kinda cool and kinda anti ‘the man’ but i’ve watched you express yourself online from a go getter to this…. in what 1 year?

    I’m not judging here but there are more ways to be different, stick it to the man, live alternatively and express yourself….than self destruction and being rude and angry to strangers. When we were like 12 it worked – but gotta say it- you are now a grown man. No one really cares for this shit when we want to surround ourselves with positive influences and inspiration. You are burning bridges one by one it seems and isolating yourself. This is not a good place to end up.

    I get you are having issues. I wish i could help. Hope it all works out for you.