Night Noodle Markets

Last night Christina and I met up with some friends at the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park.

The idea of a night noodle market excites me. I instantly think of Singapore, but earlier last night I met one of Christina’s work mates at the pub who had bad things to say about last years event (long queues and food court quality food) and too right what a crap event it was.

The queues for the better known restaurant stalls were at least an hour long which forced us to queue up at stalls with smaller lines (still a 30 minute wait!). We ended up eating Himalayan food (which you can get at Paddington Markets every Saturday) and last night each plate of food was more than double the usual price ($15/plate!).

To top it off all of us came unprepared for a very cold night. I lost my Lumix GF1 lens cover (great) and at the Domain Carpark I was given $40 worth of change in coins! Lovely!

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