Orange Crush 20RT


I splurged on eBay the other day. Initially I was only going to get new strings for my guitars (which all need some TLC), but then I got some leads too (really nice neon Ernie Ball leads! So many rad choices these days!) and then I added an Orange Crush 20RT amp to the cart too. I was super close to buying another Marshall, but thought I’d go for something different this time!

I also had a nice PRS lefty in the cart. I’ve been meaning to buy myself a baller guitar for so long now. I’ve got a lot of guitars but most of them except for my Jackson King V Standard Professional (made in Japan) are more intermediate guitars (usually cheaper versions made in Asia). There’s a world of difference between my King V and the ESP LTD M-100FM and Schecter Omen 6 Diamond Series guitars I have. The neck on the V is just SO much faster, thinner and the action is just so much lower. It’s awesome, but has a worn out 12th fret which I have to get repaired.

In the end I decided against buying the PRS lefty and will instead save up for what I really want; a Japanese, or American made Fender Stratocaster to replace my Korean made vintage blonde pro tone Squier Stratocaster (or I might mod my Strat!). For now, it’s time to build up those calluses!

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