Patreon Update

New impromptu late nite shoot with Viv now on my Patreon.

I’ve had a few loyal Patrons message me to apologise for not being able to continue on my $50 Tier (they’ve dropped down to the $5 Tier) due to tough times in lockdown and man, it’s nuts that they’re even apologising! I totally get it, and am super appreciative of all the support they’ve ever given me (and continue to give).

As always, it’s always more value for money if you sign up to my Patreon at the beginning of each month (IE: now) as Patreon charges on the first of every month. I’ve not shot with any models since lockdown but with Viv moving in it means I’ll now still be able to shoot new content (I update my Patreon every single day with new photos).


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