Personal Training

No! Not more boxing!

I’m still half asleep here. Suga getting me back for taking a shot of her (funny how we’re all wearing red and black too!).

Frenchie’s low and sexy Candy White R36 wagon.

Suga and I started up personal training late last year with Frenchie (who’s a Personal Trainer and moderator of our Forums). I’d done personal training in the past and it was great until I pushed myself a little too hard in one session and did my back in. My back’s still pretty weak but Frenchie’s been awesome already in helping me to learn some exercises which will help me strengthen it.

Frenchie’s after some graphic design work in exchange for training sessions (perfect!) so it’s looking like we’ll be keeping it up :)

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  1. Paul says:

    Dude you are matching FTW!

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