Plants have outgrown the cabinet!

Sadly my fave plants have outgrown the cabinet and are now living in the lounge room.

From Western Australia with love.

I’ve decided to leave them in the sphagnum moss they arrived in (for now).

Philodendron El Choco Red already looking amazing!

2 of my fave show plants (Alocasia Watsoniana and Longiloba) have grown so large that they’re touching the light in my cabinet. Not good as A) the leaves will burn and B) they’re shading all the plants below. I’ve had to move both of them out and so far they’re doing just fine, but the cabinet is looking bare, and no longer has that lush jungle vibe I love so much.

I was watching a Sydney Plant Guy video where he featured a Philodendron El Choco Red he bought online from WA. I did some googling, found the site (Flora Magnifica Australia) and put an order in. I have all 3 babies on the top shelf atm and they’re doing well!

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