Podcasts with Milky

Skype sesh!

Had a 3hr Skype sesh with Milky (she works for Microsoft and also has a twitch channel). Milky’s been helping me get comfy in front of the camera. Even during our Skype session I barely looked at the camera, but with this girls help I know I’ll be a natural in no time!

We ended up wishing that we recorded our sesh as we dove pretty deep on some relationship stuff towards the end (hilarious as we started out with general podcast questions I had). I did record the first part (about podcasts) but of-course since I had only myself mic’ed up the recording has come out crap as I’m WAY louder than Milky is (learning lesson, we won’t make the same mistake twice!). I might still see if I can salvage some of that video tomorrow though, just for kicks!

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