Private Track Day

We got to use the race car garages today! So much cooler as you could see just who’s out on the track, not to mention watch all the action when you’re not on the track!

Silvia boy and Silvia girl.

Chillin’ in the shade.

This C63 race car was bonkers.

This NA MX5 was killin it. I couldn’t catch him. 1.08’s apparently.

JDMyard/Yonas’ Civic had more tweaks. More brakes and more power too. Unfortunately they lost 4th gear towards the end of the day and had to retire.


First session out I had no brakes and the suspension was set way too soft. I only managed a 1.23. I adjusted the dampers (4+ clicks front and back) and set tyre pressure to 35 hot and 2nd session out I did a 1.13. Lots of understeer. I handed the keys to Narada, he did a 1.10.2! Lowered the pressure to 32 hot and I did a 1.11 on my 3rd session but then the intake pipe blew off (too much boost?!).

I had to get towed off the circuit (embarrassing, first time for me!). I asked around for a spare hose clamp, no go. I then checked the engine tray and fuck me dead I found it just sitting there! Super lucky!!! I had a check engine light but disconnecting the battery and re-connecting it made it go away (phew!). I filled up fuel and was off again.

Still heaps of understeer, tyres were losing traction way more than earlier in the day too so I upped the pressure to 35 hot again and also went 4 more clicks harder in the rear. The rear then came out when tyres were cold but once they were warm, understeer again. Maybe I need sway bars… nothing at all like the 6.5 TME which loved to drift.

I finally managed a 1.10, and have to be happy with that. Suspension, or alignment needs tuning. Lots of power (I ran it in low boost mode today) but the car just understeers heaps and feels a little more disconnected than I’d like it to (the Golf was a much sharper track car and I managed consistent 1.11’s in that).

All in all a great day. Sun was out, bit windy but heaps of track time and great company to boot.

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