Private Track Day

Photo by Sam Whitehead.

Photo by Sam Whitehead.

Photo by Sam Whitehead.

Yesterday I had a Private Track Day at Wakefield in the GT-R. Glad to say the leaks are sorted, frustrated the car is so laggy down low so I’m now planning to get the car re-tuned to monster spec.

Had a blast though. Rocked up late as usual. Felt very nervous in the car for the first session out but picked up pace as the day went on. I ended up cracking my fastest lap on my last outing of the day. A 1.10.2. Tyres have pretty much gone off, shame as there’s plenty of tread but they’ve been sitting there for years (no one to blame but myself!).

Got Alain on the way to the track (he even had a go at the GT-R and spun it around haha) and Alain drove me home too which was a bonus (plus he’s great company). Really excited about the re-tune now. As always, whenever I drive this thing I love it more and more.

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4 Responses to Private Track Day

  1. Matt says:

    I love this car! Hope I’ll get to see it in the metal one day.

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  3. James Iggi says:

    Man, this is my favourite GTR! It’s so clean it drives me nuts.
    RB done right!

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