RB26 is mine, again!

OK now this is fucking creepy. I just logged on to Facebook and this pops up!

Miraculous coincidences that used to blow my fucking socks off now just leave me with affirmation that the universe does what it does.

Zi reached out to me this morning to let me know that he’s buying a house, and might need to sell the GT-R. Of-course I was quick to let him know that the car is not mine anymore. It’s his, and he can do with it what he likes, but then it hit me like a 2 tonne heavy thing. I have the money. I have the space. Can I buy it back?!

Of-course Zi was reaching out to see if I would want the car back! I was just caught off guard. Happy (actually fucking pumped!) to say we’re sorting it out now and soon RB26 will be mine, again!

PS: I logged in to Facebook hours after Zi and I spoke and BAM! Look what Facebook was suggesting as a memory from 10 years ago!

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