Riddle Me That Alleycat

Jarod‘s Casserole.

Nat’s Chumba. Skillzors, he was popping some mads tricks on this thing.

Nick’s bike.

Andy‘s Cinelli Mash.


Felix was my checkpoint partner and we were in charge of giving out these riddles to riders when they rocked up to our checkpoint (which was the Opera House).

My 1st spoke card!

BMU sponsored the event (I gave 5 x T’s and sticker packs), so too Cycling Express (a $100 voucher).

Andy. After us checkpointers got our briefing we snuck in a pie face session.

When we got back to the starting point the serious dude were ready to rock.

My Reign and Felix’s CAAD. Felix and I headed straight for the Opera House, and played the waiting game.

In what seemed like no time at all a horde of riders came blasting down the hill, all lights blazing, zipping through the Opera House show goers and all of a sudden we didn’t have enough hands to hand out the riddles. 3 guys went down in all the excitement, these guys were so competitive we didn’t even get as much as a “hi” from most of them!

Security hammered Felix and I after they all left, we decided to move the checkpoint closer to the road so that show goers and tourists weren’t in harms way from psycho cyclists!

At 9PM we called it a night and headed to the finish point. With almost 60 riders, it was a great sight to see.

Wasted people in cabs on the way to the cross were yelling all sorts of foul crap, typical Sydney weekend!

Another rare Paino! A bit older than my one.

The guy who owned the Paino came first!

The Cycling Express voucher was given to dead last!

First girl winner won some great gear (candy cranks chainring drew some envy!).

Alex (aka Lorday) had some extra prizes to give away to the first 2 people who jumped in and rode across the fountain haha.

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  4. Tom Larson says:

    Oh how I miss sodding around on my bike with my mates.
    Awesome pictures, looks like fun!

    Good job.


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