RIP Beach Aquariums

Goodbye Beach Aquariums.

My dad’s old aquarium shop in Bondi Beach has shut it’s doors for good. My Dad left it back in the 80’s and gave the business to my Uncle John who’s been running it ever since.

Amazingly, over the years John never did anything with the shop, he basically just ran it and never cleaned or maintained it. I remember playing in the little rock garden in the front of the store as a little kid. That painting on the glass was really vibrant once upon a time!!!

Sad, but hey, it had to happen. Bondi Beach is being overtaken by hipster cafe’s and the rent has gone through the roof over the years.

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4 Responses to RIP Beach Aquariums

  1. Nicole says:

    So Sad! My husband has been a customer since he was a child and our children loved to visit John and pick up supplies. Nobody has such beautiful healthy fish and live food is so hard to find. I heard a rumour that John is still operating from his home. Is this correct? If so, do you have contact details?

  2. Sarah Fleming says:

    I grew up in Bondi and loved going in there on weekends with my family. I was driving past the other day and thought I should take a photo of the shop as it holds some very fond memories of my childhood. Sadly today I noticed it wasn’t there anymore and kicked myself for not taking a photo.Thank you SO much for posting this and thank god for the internet! I also can relate to the hipster thing. Bondi defiantly isn’t the same, but at least we got to grow up there. x

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