Import Model: “Hey, let’s collab!”

Me: *Checks her instagram page, lots of followers, USA, cool, why not?!* “Sure! What’s your FULL address? It might take some time to get to you though, we’re in Australia!”.

Import Model: *didn’t know we were based in Australia* “I charge $50 for a promotional post”.

Me: “Ah yeah sorry not into that shit. All the best!”.

Import Model: “No need to make it unprofessional. In all honesty why should I promote a clothing company or any company for free? Merchandise is not payment”.

Me: *goes to neck myself*…

A SINCERE THANKS TO ALL ZEN BABES (guys and girls!) WHO REPRESENT ZEN PROUDLY. You guys rock my world. It’s not about the money, never will be. We promise to never ever pay someone to wear our gear, ever. #keepitreal #findyourzen

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One Response to RPRSNT

  1. Paul says:

    Means sweet fuck all anyway with the net full of bots and robot followers. $50 a post! Bshhaaaaha.

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